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Vendor B2B Help

FTP Access

If you have access to the Holley Vendor B2B site you also have access to the corrisponding ftp site. You can access the ftp site with the same credentials you use to access the website. The ftp site is b2b.holley.com

In most ftp applications you would only enter b2b.holley.com In a web browser you would enter ftp://b2b.holley.com

Upon logging in you will need to move to the directory for your account. The directory names correspond to vendor numbers. You will have access to all the folders that correspond to vendor numbers you see on the "Select Vendor" page. If you attempt to open a folder or move to a directory other than the ones you are authorized to you will receive an access denied message.

Please note that the password to the ftp site will change whenever you use the "My Account" page and update your password. This will affect your IT department if they establish automatic routines that rely on published data from the Holley Vendor B2B ftp site.

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