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Vendor B2B Help

Corrective Action

The "Corrective Action" page will display for update a G8D corrective action form.

All user accounts associated with the vendor that have Areas of Influence "Quality Control" or "Product Engineering" marked in the My Account section will be notified when Corrective Action forms are posted, changed, or marked as complete.

You may not alter a corrective action which has been closed and only Holley can change the form to closed status.

Dates may be entered in either MM/DD/YYYY format or Mmmm DD, YYYY format.

Most fields are limited to a maximum of 50 characters of text. The D2ProblemStatement area allows up to 250 characters. The Emergency Response Action, D1 Team, D2 problem Description, D3 Interim Containment Action, D4 Root Cause, D5 Chosen Permanent Corrective Action, D6 Implemented Permanent Corrective Action, D7 Preventive Action, and D8 Follow Up Activity allow up to 500 characters.

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